Westside Community Center

Westside Community Center

The Westside Community Center continues to be a resource for the thriving and active west side of Colorado Springs. The Center for Strategic Ministry, a supporting organization of Woodmen Valley Chapel, began operating the Westside Community Center in 2010. As of June 1, 2022, the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department resumed operations for the Westside Community Center.

Starting in September of 2022, the Westside Community Center will begin operating as a public-private partnership. This new operational model integrates feedback from resident recommendations. It includes City staffing and operational funding while providing partnership and revenue-generating opportunities with external entities, including nonprofit organizations. Read more here.



The mission of the Westside Community Center campus is to provide inclusive community enrichment through:

  • Arts, culture and music
  • Health and wellness
  • Education and learning
  • Recreational offerings
  • Social connections
  • Other activities promoting community cohesiveness


The Westside Community Center campus is a thriving destination for community growth, learning, connection, and wellness.


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Now accepting proposals for programs and services

The City is now accepting applications for prospective programs, service providers and tenants at the Westside Community Center.  The Working Committee will review and make recommendations to the City as to what programs, services and tenants should be hosted at the campus.

Please follow the links below to submit your proposal online via DocuSign. Please note that a valid email address is required. You may also download and print this form for manual completion and submission. 

Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. Review the proposal guide at the beginning of each proposal form for details on the proposal process.

Leased Space Online Application

Leased Space Printable Application (PDF) 

Programs / Services Online Application  

Programs / Services Printable Application (PDF)

Volunteer for the Westside Community Center Working Committee

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Advisory Board has created the Westside Community Center Working Committee. This Working Committee serves to provide recommendations to City staff on programs, services, and tenants to host at the Westside Community Center campus. The working committee meets monthly to review and recommend proposals for utilizing space at the Westside Community Center campus. For more information about the working committee, visit the Westside Community Center Working Committee page.

Westside Community Center

Programs and Activities

March Calendar

The Westside Community Center currently partners and hosts various community groups at the facility:

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department will continue to host the groups and their current programs. No new programs or activities will be added to the schedule during this time of transition.

Contact Info

Westside Community Center
Office Hours:

9am-3pm, Monday-Friday (hours subject to change)

Community Center doors will be opened/participants allowed inside at 8:50am on M/W/F ahead of Silver Sneakers Class


Phone: 719-385-7920
Email Westside Community Center


1628 W Bijou St
Colorado Springs, CO 80904