Stormwater Criteria

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Stormwater Criteria

*Please scroll down below to view drainage criteria manuals*

The City of Colorado Springs Drainage Criteria Manual (DCM) contains drainage criteria and submittal requirements for drainage studies and plans.  The two volumes of the manual are posted below.  The Stormwater Construction Manual (SCM) contains criteria for grading and erosion control during construction, and is also posted below.

Clarifications and minor modifications to criteria are documented in Policy Clarifications.  Where conflicts or differences between Policy Clarifications and the DCM or SCM exist, the Policy Clarifications shall apply.  All active Policy Clarifications are posted below.

Engineers are encouraged to check the website often for updates to criteria.  To sign up for notifications of updates to drainage criteria, please send an email to Stormwater Criteria.

Project specific questions related to Stormwater Criteria should be directed to the project Review Engineer.  Questions related to drainage criteria that are not project specific should be directed to Stormwater Criteria.

Stormwater Manuals

The Drainage Criteria Manual Volume I specifies the design and technical criteria for all drainage analysis and construction. The Drainage Criteria Manual Volume II provides information on stormwater Permanent Control Measures (PCMs). The Stormwater Construction Manual implements criteria for grading and erosion control during construction and describes the process for obtaining a Grading and Erosion Control Permit.

DCM Volume I 

View / Download Volume I (Rev. January 2021)


  • Preface (Acknowledgements, Overview/Purpose, Versions/Updates, Disclaimer)
  1. General Provisions
  2. Drainage Principles
  3. Drainage Policies
  4. Submittals
  5. Floodplain Management
  6. Hydrology
  7. Street Drainage
  8. Inlets
  9. Storm Sewers
  10. Conduit Outlet Structures
  11. Culverts and Bridges
  12. Open Channels
  13. Storage
  14. Revegetation

DCM Volume II

View / Download Volume II (Rev. December 2020)


  • List of Abbreviations and Definitions
  1. Stormwater Management and Planning
  2. BMP Selection
  3. Calculating the WQCV and Runoff Reduction
  4. Treatment BMPs
  5. Source Control BMPs
  6. BMP Maintenance
  7. Construction BMPs 

Policy Clarifications


  1. Introduction
  2. Grading and Erosion Control Permitting Basics
  3. Design Phase Requirements
  4. Construction Phase Requirements
  5. Native Vegetation Requirements and Guidelines
  6. Inspection and Enforcement
  7. Permit Closeout
  • A. Grading and Erosion Control Plan Checklist
  • B. CSWMP Checklist
  • C. Standard GEC Plan Notes
  • D. GEC Plan / CSWMP Signature Blocks
  • E. Construction Control Measure Details


Green infrastructure requirements will be implemented:

  • May 1, 2022 for all new Final Drainage Reports submitted for review
  • November 1, 2022 for all Final Drainage Report approvals.

Green Infrastructure Manual 

PIA Notice of Obligation


Printed copies can be purchased from the City Office Services Division, City Administration Building, 30 S. Nevada, Suite L01 (Garden Level), Colorado Springs, CO 80903, 719-385-5023.