Sondermann Park

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By receiving this highest standard of recognition, Gold Standard Sites are exemplary models, encouraging other public lands to ensure that Leave No Trace education is part of everyone’s experience when spending time outdoors. Learn more about what it means to be a Gold Standard Site here.
Sondermann Park on the west side of Colorado Springs is a 97-acre natural park tucked into a shallow valley.
The park is located at 740 W. Caramillo St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907

The park offers seven easy hiking trails, Mesa Valley Trail, a creek tumbling through a valley, good birdwatching, and plenty of wildlife. It’s a great family getaway for a quick hike on a summer evening or after a winter snowfall.

The Catamount Institute, located at Beidleman Environmental Center at the park entrance, offers educational programs.

Follow the Leave No Trace Seven Principles

The City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services department is proudly partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics in order to promote environmental stewardship and safeguard the natural, cultural, and historical resources that make Colorado Springs such a fantastic place to live and visit. Follow the Leave No Trace Seven Principles to help keep our parks, trails, and open spaces healthy and sustainable. Learn more at

Plan ahead and prepare. Know where you’re allowed to go! Cyclists and equestrians are permitted only on the Mesa Valley Trail. All other trails are hiker-only. Read the map and plan your route before hitting the trail for a frustration-free hike.
Travel on durable surfaces. Following designated trails and paying attention to trail closures prevents habitat fragmentation and destruction. This allows the animals who frequent the area, bobcats, black bears, and mule-deer, to live here undisturbed.
Dispose of waste properly. Your trash and your dog’s waste can be poisonous to the animals that live in Sondermann Park. Not only that, but the creek feeds into other waterways, carrying trash along with it. Please pack out your trash.
Leave what you find. Picking flowers removes important nutrient sources for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and bats. Take a “pic,” don’t pick! This preserves energy rich nectar and next year’s seeds for these vital ecosystem members
Be careful with fire. Even wetland areas are vulnerable to wildfire. Fires, charcoal grilling, and smoking are prohibited at Sondermann Park. Help protect this sensitive ecosystem from fire.
Respect wildlife. This ecosystem is the temporary home to many migrating bird species, as well as an active population of bobcats. You can help keep their populations healthy by not feeding wildlife, keeping your dogs on leash, and maintaining a safe distance from wildlife.
Be considerate of others. Enhance the experience of other Sondermann Park visitors by sharing the trail. Cyclists should always ride in control and alert others if approaching from behind. Birders and photographers should stay on-trail and be mindful of other park users.