Learn to Skate at Sertich Ice Center

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Learn to Skate programs

Sertich Ice Center offers skating lessons for all skill levels, including beginner courses for both children and adults, hockey and advanced, specialty lessons. Our Learn to Skate USA program is the only ice skating program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, US Speed Skating and the Special Olympics. Learn to Skate USA offers every participant a rewarding experience rooted in the lifelong benefits of ice skating.

Spring 2023 Registration Opens March 6, 2023

Learn to Skate Spring 2023 Catalog

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Skates, Safety and What to Wear 

Skate boots should provide a snug fit. Your foot should not move around inside the boot. The closer the fit, the more control you will have. Lace skates by crisscrossing the laces snugly around each hook. To ensure proper support for the ankle, the tightest point of lacing should be at the instep. Wear several layers of clothing to start, as you warm-up you can discard a layer or two. Comfort and freedom of movement are important. Try not to wear clothing that might be restrictive. Sweats or warm-ups are ideal. Helmets are suggested for beginner skaters and are recommended for all activities. Remember to bring gloves. Parents and spectators are not allowed on the ice during activities.