Figure Skating

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Figure Skating 

March 2023 Figure Skating Calendar


    Punch Card


    Youth (Ages 17 and under)
     $107.50Adult (Ages 18 and up)
    Walk-on: (1/45 minute session)$12Youth (Ages 17 and Under
     $15Adult (Ages 18 and older)
    Coaching Fees$90 Monthly
     $10Session Guest


    For the benefit of our skaters, coaches and parents, please observe the following guidelines so figure skating sessions can be a positive experience for everyone. Figure skating sessions are designed for figure skaters to learn advanced skills, train and practice their routines. Skaters and coaches must sign in and pay at the front desk before stepping on the ice.

    Session types:

    • Open sessions are used for dance, freestyle, Moves in the Field and Learn to Skate USA Basic 4 or above. There are a variety of disciplines on this session and requires your special awareness. 
    • Freestyle/Dance sessions are used for freestyle, dance, Moves in the Field and Learn to Skate USA Basic 4 or above. 
    • Basic Skills Freestyle sessions are open to Learn to Skate USA Free Skate 6 and below. No coned area and no buckets. Skaters may play their program music. Learn‐to‐Skate students may use free passes to attend these sessions.

    Right of Way:

    1. Programs have the first priority to the right of way. The program skater should be easily identifiable by the use of a fluorescent colored sash tied around the waist. Programs should be played in the order they are lined up on the board.
    2. Lessons have the second priority to the right of way. Always yield the right of way to the skater/dance team wearing the sash and performing their program.

    Flow of the Ice:

    • Spins should be done in the center of the ice.
    • The ends of the arena are for jumping and are considered the jump zones.

    Etiquette and Safety

    1. Be courteous both on and off the ice. “Excuse me” or “Thank you” go a long way. Be considerate if you can see that another skater does not see you coming. 
    2. No sitting or standing on the ice is permitted. If receiving instruction, stand against the boards out of the way of others.
    3. Keep your head up and be aware of other skaters around you.
    4. When passing slower skaters, try to pass to the outside of the skater.
    5. When you are not skating, please leave the ice.  Do not stand around in groups, you may be asked to exit the ice by staff if you do.
    6. If you fall, get up right away. If you are hurt, stay still on the ice until staff reaches you.
    7. Do not stay in one place on the ice, you may be asked to exit the ice by staff if you do.
    8. Be on time for your sessions, especially after a resurface. Use every minute of your ice time to the maximum.
    9. Apologize when you accidentally get in someone else’s way, especially if they had the right of way (It does happen).
    10. For your safety, no one is allowed on the ice without skates or ice cleats. Ice cleats can be checked out at Skate Rental.
    11. Respect other’s space. Please do not jump or skate too close to another skater or coach.
    12. Prior to entering the ice surface, skaters and coaches must sign‐in at the front desk.
    13. During a formal lesson, a skater/coach may bump their program music to the next‐ in‐line program. Please wear a sash when you are performing your program to your music.
    14. Skaters must be at the US Figure Skating Basic 4 level to participate on any figure skating session (Exception – Basic Skills Freestyles).
    15. Allowing multiple disciplines on any freestyle/dance or dance/freestyle session is at the discretion of Sertich management.

    Session Rules

    1. Sertich Ice Center expects sportsmanship, respect, dignity and courtesy at all practices and events. Through responsible behavior and fair play, coaches, skaters and their parents will assume the role of good will ambassadors of figure skating.
    2. Sertich Ice Center will not tolerate any dishonest conduct, cheating, poor sportsmanship, criminal behavior or any attempt to take unfair advantage of another in any activity.
    3. Sertich Ice Center respects each student’s lesson and will not interrupt a student or coach in a lesson unless it is for safety concerns.
    4. Sertich Ice Center does not allow parents to coach, instruct, or advise from any area in the facility or on the ice unless that parent provides a certificate of insurance and has made arrangements with Sertich management to coach their child.
    5. Sertich Ice Center does not allow anyone, including parents to stand in the hockey box areas during skating time. Only those skating or coaching during the ice session are permitted in the hockey boxes for the safety of the skaters.
    6. Sertich Ice Center does not tolerate ice kicking, profanities or excessive waste of ice time. If any of these behaviors occur, Sertich Ice Center will request that the skater remove themselves from the ice.
    7. Sertich Ice Center does not allow coaches or skaters to sit on the boards during figure skating or public sessions.
    8. Coaches and skaters are not permitted on the ice at any time during an ice resurface. Please exit the ice promptly. Ice resurfacer doors must be closed before any skater or coach can enter the ice.
    9. Sertich Ice Center prohibits any use or distribution of all illegal substances. Sertich Ice Center can immediately dismiss skaters from the facility for this offense and no refund will be granted. Using or possessing alcoholic beverages while in the facility is not allowed.
    10. Sertich Ice Center prohibits any deliberate or reckless misuse, damage or destruction of any property. Sertich Ice Center can immediately dismiss skaters from the facility for this offense, and will require full payment for damaged property.
    11. Skaters are responsible for filling any holes or gouges they create with slush from the slush bucket.
    12. Split sessions are not allowed.
    13. No food or drinks on the ice with the exception of water

    Figure Skating Calendar