Construction Contractors

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Construction Contractor Tax Information

Construction Use Tax Return

Claim for Refund of Sales and/or Use Tax on Construction Materials

Qualified Entity Information & Form
General Contractor & Subcontractor Forms
ST-16 COS QE - Projects performed for exempt entities which will engage in the refund process
ST-17 COS INT - Projects performed for the City of Colorado Springs Only
ST-18 COS AIR - Projects performed for the Colorado Springs Airport Only
Claim for Refund for a Qualifying Affordable Housing Project

Sales and/or Use Tax Refund on Construction & Building Materials

Effective August 8, 2022, the owner of a qualifying affordable housing project may be eligible for a refund of City of Colorado Springs taxes paid upon purchases of construction and building materials used explicitly in the project. Ordinance 2.7.810(D)

Purchases with a purchase date before August 8, 2022, will not qualify for a refund. 

Applying for a Refund Guideline: 

Property Owner Form (required):

Contractor Forms (required):