Concrete Maintenance

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Concrete Repairs

The Operations & Maintenance Division manages concrete repairs to City cross-pans, curb and gutter, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. During spring, summer, and fall, City and City-contracted PPRTA crews make repairs based on citizen requests and in preparation for overlay street resurfacing. If there is a hazard on a property owner’s sidewalk, it is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the City of those concerns as soon as possible. However, property owners are not relieved of any legal liability regarding their sidewalk.

Due to the large number of concrete repair requests, a backlog does exist; however, we are working diligently with the funding that is available to address these repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the needs far outweigh the available resources to make expedient repairs. With the current backlog that exists, it may take several years to address all of these repairs. We appreciate your patience.

In order to manage concrete repairs each request is assigned a severity rating.  The criteria for these ratings are as follows:

    High Importance Severity Criteria

    • Verified accident or injury caused by concrete damage
    • Disabled citizen home access impeded due to concrete damage
    • High pedestrian traffic routes such as near hospitals, schools, or bus stops


    High Severity Criteria (Severe Damage)

    • 75% - 100% of curb head or sidewalk is broken
    • 2 - 3 Inches of Vertical Settlement has occurred
    • Spalling (Chipping) has occurred over 75% or more of surface area


    Moderate Severity Criteria (Moderate Damage)

    • 25% to 75% of Curb Head or Sidewalk broken
    • Vertical settlement of 1 - 2 inches
    • Spalling (Chipping) over 25% to 75% of surface area


    Low Severity (Minimal Damage)

    • 25% of curb head or sidewalk is broken
    • Vertical Settlement of up to 1 inch
    • Spalling (Chipping) on 25% or less of surface


    Report a Problem

    Go C O S citizen request

    Concrete Cost Share Program (CCSP)

    The Concrete Cost Share Program exists as an option for property owners to repair the concrete adjacent to their property. If a property owner sees that concrete is in disrepair, they are encouraged to call 385-5934 to report the problem. The issue may either be placed on one of the city’s concrete repair lists or the property owner may enter into the CCSP.

    The CCSP involves the City of Colorado Springs’ Operations and Maintenance Division working with property owners to split the cost of concrete repairs. Only “High” severity ratings are eligible

    Even though property owners are not responsible for the maintenance of the concrete adjacent to their property, property owners are not relieved of any legal liability regarding their sidewalk. If they are willing to pay half the cost of repairing the concrete, the work can be expedited. The work will be competitively bid and completed by the City's contractor, with the cost split between the property owner and the City. 

    ADA Program

    The Americans with Disabilities Act states that all newly constructed or altered streets must contain curb ramps.  The Pre-Overlay Concrete program identifies and installs new pedestrian ramps in accordance with ADA requirements.  

    Property owners are not held responsible for pedestrian ramps adjacent to their property. If a property owner enters into the Concrete Cost Share Program and there is a compliance issue with a pedestrian ramp adjacent to their property, the city will replace the ramp at no charge to the citizen and split the remaining cost of the surrounding concrete.