Recovery of Stolen Items - September 2020 Investigation

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In September, detectives from the Colorado Springs Police Department Falcon Investigations Unit investigated a burglary that occurred in 2400 block of Montebello Square Drive. Through their investigative work, a search warrant was executed in the 5700 block of Pepperdine Pt. During the execution of the warrant, six people were taken into custody:

  • 31-year-old Ryan Utley was charged with Possession of Weapon by Previous Offender, Burglary, Trespass, Motor Vehicle Theft and ID Theft
  • 33-year-old Michael Utley was charged with Burglary and Motor Vehicle Theft
  • 31-year-old Anthony Slaterwas charged with three counts of Motor Vehicle Theft and Narcotics
  • 40-year-old Katina Dones was charged with Motor Vehicle Theft and unrelated warrants
  • 23-year-old Hannah Wiekert and 26-year-old Brianna Tilson were taken into custody on unrelated warrants

The search warrant yielded evidence of several construction site burglaries, residential burglaries and motor vehicle thefts. One of the residential burglaries involved the theft of two handguns. With the assistance of the Southern Colorado FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Ryan and Michael Utley have been federally indicted on weapons charges. Additional charges for other cases are pending.

The investigation led detectives to two storage units that contained numerous stolen items. Thus far, 25 cases in the Colorado Springs area and 26 cases in El Paso County area have been identified. Plus an additional $45,000 in stolen property has been returned to their rightful owners. However, there are still several items that have yet to be claimed.

How to Claim an Item

While we were able to reunite many items with their owners, several pieces are still unclaimed. If you believe one (or more of the items below) are your property, please email Sergeant Owen Scott at with the item number listed on the photo as well as your contact information. Please note, in order to claim property you MUST have a case report number. Please include the case report number in your email. Additionally, all items were stolen prior to 9/30/2020.  

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