Police Blotter

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Welcome to the Police Blotter page where you can access information that has been approved for public release via our Internet site.  Please note that the records displayed here only represent only a small fraction of the daily calls for service to which CSPD responds.

When reading entries on the Blotter, please keep in mind:

  • All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • All information posted to our internet site via our Police Blotter program is preliminary data and is subject to change. Any and all Blotter contents should be verified with the Public Information Officer or the Police Area Command responsible for posting the Blotter information BEFORE it is broadcast or used in a publication to ensure accuracy.

By entering the Police Blotter site, you implicitly agree:

  • You assume all liability for use or misuse of the provided information.
  • You will not in any manner intimidate or harass any person or persons listed in the Blotter.
  • Will not use the information for pecuniary (financial) gain.
  • Understand that information may change resulting in information being out of date.
  • The information provided is only a small percentage of the CSPD’s calls for service.


All errors should be reported to the CSPD Public Information Office at: pio@coloradosprings.gov