Patrol Bureau

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Whether it is taking a theft report or responding to a shooting, the Patrol Bureau is the uniformed backbone of the CSPD.

The Patrol Bureau is comprised of the four, geographically located police substations.  The officers of the Patrol Bureau are responsible for carrying out the CSPD’s day-to-day mission of responding to calls for service and patrolling the city.  To learn more about the Patrol Bureau:

  • Select the individual units on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Read the information below about some additional Patrol Bureau services. 

Police Area Command Divisions and Mileage

School Resource Unit

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit consists of uniformed police officers, each assigned to a local high school. They work closely with school administration, parents and students to provide a safe and productive learning environment.

Learn more about the SRO Unit

Community Service Officer Unit (CSO)

The Community Service Officer (CSO) program consists of non-sworn, unarmed civilian employees, who handle a variety of police-related calls for service. Examples of their duties include initiating police reports, providing traffic control at accident scenes, tagging and towing abandoned vehicles, as well as many other duties.

DUI Unit

The DUI Unit includes eight officers who are dedicated to the enforcement of DUI laws and the apprehension of impaired drivers who represent a considerable traffic safety risk to the citizens of Colorado Springs.

Divisional Property Crimes Detectives

Each patrol division has a detective sergeant and detectives assigned to investigate property crimes that occur within the boundaries of the division. These units commonly investigate burglaries, car break-ins, thefts, as well as a multitude of other property related crimes.

Crime Prevention Officers

The CSPD Crime Prevention Program focuses on providing citizens and businesses with tips on how to prevent becoming a victim of a crime. The specialized officers who staff this program are dedicated to:

  • Reducing crime and the fear of crime
  • Increasing the knowledge of citizens in providing "pro-active" crime prevention strategies
  • Encouraging and training citizens in neighborhood watch activities
  • Training the community in a wide array of crime prevention approaches & techniques
  • Providing home and business security checks
  • Managing the Neighborhood Watch Program for the City.

Contact your local police substation to request to speak to your Crime Prevention Officer.

The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)

The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) is comprised of a sergeant and six police officers. Their primary focus is to assist homeless individuals in connecting with homeless services and resources. HOT officers work in partnership with many non-profit, private and public organizations in the development of strategies for the coordination and care of people experiencing homelessness within the Colorado Springs community. While the HOT team is a city-wide resource, each patrol division has officers that have received additional training in helping the homeless in order to supplement HOT team efforts.

Gang Unit

In June of 2019, the Police Department reconstituted our Gang Unit.  The Gang Unit consists of one sergeant and four detectives. This is a city-wide unit that works out of the Sand Creek Substation.  The mission of the Gang Unit is to protect the public from street gang violence and to provide the Colorado Springs Police Department with intelligence, investigative, and enforcement support in combating street gang activity. 

Community Response Team

  • This city-wide team responds to citizens who are having mental/emotional crises and those suffering with long-term issues.
  • A CSPD officer is paired with a paramedic from the Colorado Springs Fire Department and a trained mental health provider.
  • Provides people with immediate, specialized help during an incident.
  • Furnishes information and referrals for help.
  • Relieves patrol officers of calls the team is better suited to handle.
  • The CRT currently reports to the Falcon Division.