Therapeutic Recreation Program (TRP)

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What is TRP?


The Therapeutic Recreation Program (TRP) provides opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities to acquire skills that enable them to participate in leisure experiences of their choice and enhance their abilities to function within a community setting. The TR staff provides advocacy and inclusion support for individuals with disabilities to enjoy general recreation activities, as well as specialized therapeutic programs that include opportunities in the following core areas:

  • Arts and Culture;
  • Sports, Fitness and Aquatics;
  • Social Enrichment;
  • Community Integration/Leisure Education;
  • and Outdoor Adventures.

Therapeutic Recreation Program PSA

The TRP has partnered with U.S. Paralympics to offer adaptive sports programming for community members and veterans who have a physical disability. The result of this collaboration is the formation of Paralympic Sport Club Colorado Springs which focuses on providing various sports and special events throughout the year. Call (719) 385-6958 for details.

Inclusion services are offered for people of all ages who choose to participate in general recreation programs sponsored by the Recreation Services Division. For more information about the inclusion process, please call (719) 385-6855

View videos from our programs

Ability Awareness Training

Ability Awareness Training is a hands on training experience designed to inspire participants to create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities. To schedule training for your team call 719-385-6964 or email Felicia.Barnhart@ColoradoSprings.Gov

Ability awareness training


Our Policies

It is the goal of the Therapeutic Recreation Program to provide a positive, safe, and fun recreation experience for all individuals. To provide you with the best possible experience, we have developed the following policies:

  • Appropriate social behavior is stressed during all programs. The staff and volunteers will do their best to ensure each participant’s success in the programs.
  •  If a participant’s behavior is detrimental to the group or self (kicking, biting, hitting, self-abusing, refusal to stay with the group, etc.), a parent or guardian will be called to pick up the participant immediately.  

Please call the TR office if you have any questions.

Proud Partner

Inclusion Project website

TRP is a proud partner with the National Inclusion Project.  Our goal is to provide better training to general recreation staff on how to be more fully inclusive in their programming. We also aim to be a better resource for general youth recreation activities and community centers in the areas of advocacy, education, and training. Through this partnership, we want to help make inclusion the expectation, not the exception. For more, visit


Winter/Spring 2023 Catalog

Winter/Spring 2023 Registration

Participant Annual Information Form

How to Register

Complete the information for each class on the Therapeutic Recreation Program Registration Form.

Where to Register

  1. Mail your registration form to or register in-person at:

Westside Community Center

1628 W Bijou

Colorado Springs, CO 80904


     2. Register Online 

Before registering for any activities online, families must establish an account and receive a LOGIN and PASSWORD. Contact TRP for details.

Online registrations require payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

When to Register

Registration begins Monday, December 12, 2022

All mail-in and drop-off registrations will be placed in a box. At the end of each day, registrations will be randomly drawn until the classes are filled or all registrations are drawn. A receipt will be sent to you by email or in the mail to confirm your enrollment in the class.


To reserve a spot in the program, one-half of each class fee must accompany the registration form. Payment-in-full must be made by the first day of class. Make checks payable to Recreation Services.

Adjusted Fees

Payment Plans and Adjusted Fees are available for classes exceeding a registration cost of $35. Trip fees do not qualify. Please contact the TRP Supervisor for additional information.


If a class is canceled due to lack of registration, you will be notified and may choose to:

  • enroll in another activity
  • obtain credit toward other activities
  • receive a full refund

Refund Policy

A refund or credit for classes/activities will not be issued once registration has occurred. If withdrawal from the class/activity is for a medical reason or due to a move from the Pikes Peak region, a pro-rated credit or refund will be issued from the start date up to the mid-point of the class/activity. No refund or credit will be issued after 50% of the class/activity has been completed.

A full refund or credit will be issued if the TRP cancels a class/activity. When requesting a refund, please specify refund check or credit to your account. Allow 2 weeks for a refund check.

Therapeutic Recreation Internships

The internship program provides students with an opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience that is closely related to the student’s educational knowledge base. The TRP believes in a team philosophy and although the intern will be supervised by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with more than 2 years of experience, the student will have the opportunity to work with multiple CTRS’s to understand various leadership styles and programs. 


Westside Community Center

1628 W Bijou St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: (719) 385-6964
Fax: (719) 385-6013
Questions? Email us