Tennis and Pickleball

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Pickleball Courts

  • Mid Shooks Run Park (2)
  • Monument Valley Park (15) This court has lights for nighttime play
  • Venezia Park (4) This court has lights for nighttime play

Junior Tennis Classes and Programs

Junior Summer Programs

All of our classes are designed to teach children the fundamentals of tennis! We teach in a fun, safe, no-pressure environment focusing on kids learning how to play tennis and have FUN! For your convenience we have 4 city sites to choose from for each program.

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New Junior "Play Days"

Kids will get an opportunity to learn how to start playing real tennis matches, or for more advanced kids, continue progressing and playing competitive matches (i.e. keeping score, serving, returning serves, etc)! Kids will have to have some tennis experience. As long as they’ve played tennis before, they will be able to participate!

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USTA Junior Team Tennis

USTA Junior Team Tennis is the best summer program for high school aged players (ages 13-18) to continue to learn, practice, play and compete in tennis with friends in a fun and competitive format.

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Adult Tennis Programs

Adult Drills

Drills are high energy classes with the purpose of getting you to hit as many balls as possible in an hour-and-half! There is very little feeding, so no more being bored while standing in a long line waiting for your turn to hit a couple of tennis balls. Drills are exclusively feed-in games and drills with constant rotations that allow you to hit against all participants. Games and drills will focus on each stroke, but there will always be a large variety of games and drills with constant movement and fun. The focus of our instruction is game based, enhancing learning through situational play, as well as stroke development. The program is also a great way to meet new players of your ability level.

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Adult League

One of the fastest growing USTA Adult League programs in the entire state of Colorado! Memorial Park and John Venezia Park had the largest increase of total USTA Adult League Players in the ENTIRE state of Colorado in 2018! Come join one of our teams for the 2019 season!

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Adult Meetup

We’ll be having our Adult Meetup group again in 2019! We meet once a week and you get to play some matches and meet new people! Most affordable way to get out and play some tennis! 100% for fun. No scores are recorded. Just a way to get outside and play some fun tennis and meet new people!

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TNT Tennis in No time

Are you an adult who wants more instruction? Tennis in No Time (TNT) is perfect for you!

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Tennis Courts

The City maintains over 45 public tennis courts in parks throughout Colorado Springs. The main tennis facility, in Memorial Park, sports 15 courts, 11 of which are lighted. It is the hub of tennis activities. Summer sites include Cottonwood Park, Foothills Park and Woodmen Valley Park.

Parks with outdoor tennis courts

  • Bonforte (2)

  • Bott (2)
  • Boulder (2)
  • Broadmoor Glen (2)
  • Cottonwood (2)
  • Foothills (2)  
  • Grant (1)
  • Jackson (4)
  • Memorial (15)
  • Middle Shooks Run (2)
  • Monument Valley (7)
  • Portal (4)
  • Rampart (2 Public/4 School)
  • Sandstone (2)
  • Thorndale (2)
  • Westmoor (2)
  • Wilson Ranch (2)
  • Woodmen Valley (2)


Tennis Center
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