High Chaparral Open Space

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By receiving this highest standard of recognition, Gold Standard Sites are exemplary models, encouraging other public lands to ensure that Leave No Trace education is part of everyone’s experience when spending time outdoors. Learn more about what it means to be a Gold Standard Site here.


    There are currently 54 acres of open space at High Chaparral for trails and wildlife.

    High Chaparral Open Space is characterized by a prominent ridgeline vegetated with scrub oak, shrub land patches and mixed-grass prairie. Views from the crest of the ridge, the highest point in eastern Colorado Springs, include the Spanish Peaks and Wet Mountains to the south, the Black Forest to the north, and an uninterrupted view of Colorado Springs mountain backdrop to the west. High Chaparral Open Space provides wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and a visual buffer to a fast-growing section of the City.

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    Where is High Chaparral Open Space located?

    From I-25, take the Garden of the Gods exit east. Garden of the Gods will turn into Austin Bluffs Parkway. On Austin Bluffs Parkway head east/northeast to Stetson Hills Boulevard. Turn right at Stetson Hills and head east. Near the top of the hill, turn right into the High Chaparral parking lot.

    Follow the Leave No Trace Seven Principles

    The City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services department is proudly partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics in order to promote environmental stewardship and safeguard the natural, cultural, and historical resources that make Colorado Springs such a fantastic place to live and visit. Follow the Leave No Trace Seven Principles to help keep our parks, trails, and open spaces healthy and sustainable.  Learn more at lnt.org

    Plan ahead and prepare. High Chaparral Open Space has several areas that see little sunlight, which commonly leads to muddy or icy trail conditions; be sure to wear proper footwear, including gaiters or microspikes when necessary.
    Travel on durable surfaces. High Chaparral Open Space is home to various species of
    sensitive vegetation easily damaged by trampling. Staying on the designated trails will
    help ensure this vegetation remains healthy!
    Dispose of waste properly. A quality bear resistant trash container is available at the
    parking lot on Stetson Hills Blvd. Please utilize this container when disposing of waste to keep the Open Space healthy and litter-free.
    Leave what you find. High Chaparral has a beautiful array of wildflowers that may be
    enticing to pick, but are a vital part of the ecosystem. Take a photo and share it with those
    around you and leave the flowers to fill their role.
    Be careful with fire. Chaparrals are high and dry ecosystems with plenty of fuel
    for fire, so please be careful. Fires, grilling, and smoking are prohibited at High Chaparral
    Open Space. Help us protect the Open Space from wildfires.
    Respect wildlife. Coyotes are a common resident of High Chaparral Open Space
    and can be territorial towards our beloved pets. For the safety of your pet and those around you, please keep them on-trail and leashed.
    Be considerate of others. Stay observant while on the trails in the High Chaparral
    Open Space. When exercising with music, use headphones and be sure to leave one ear open to listen for other park users.

    © 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: www.LNT.org.

    The preservation of the High Chaparral Open Space was made possible through partnership and widespread community support:

    • Citizens of Colorado Springs
    • City of Colorado Springs TOPS Program
    • Steve and April Kapchinske