Red Light Safety Camera FAQs

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How are red-light safety camera intersections determined?

Intersections throughout the city were carefully reviewed to determine which intersections would enhance safety the most with red light cameras. Intersections were not selected simply on highest volume or highest crash data, they were selected based on a combination of factors that not only number of crashes, but severity of crashes to put all intersections on equal playing field despite differences in traffic volume.

How many cameras will be installed?

TBD. More red light safety camera locations will be identified and installed in the future.

Why does the camera flash when no one actually runs the red light?

Occasionally, a vehicle may trigger one of the two cameras when coming to a rapid stop, yet not entering the intersection. Additionally, a vehicle may approach the intersection but only slow, rather than stop, before continuing to turn, triggering the road safety program and causing the flash to discharge.

Importantly, all flash incidents do not equate to a citation. Each violation event captured by the red-light safety camera is reviewed by staff who will make a final determination about the issuance of a citation.

How much will this program cost Colorado Springs and its taxpayers?

The road safety camera program is set up to be fully funded through fines paid by red-light runners. Taxpayers are not being asked to pay for this system. Any additional revenues above the cost to operate the program will go into the City’s general fund, not CSPD.

As driver behavior changes and crashes diminish in number, the city and residents could see a reduction in emergency services and other community expenses. According to the Federal Highway Administration, by reducing crashes, red-light safety cameras annually save communities $39,000 to $50,000 in collision-related expenses per location. 

What company maintains the red light safety cameras and provides the Road Safety Program in Colorado Springs? 

Colorado Springs has contracted with Verra Mobility which provides more than 300 communities across North American with red-light and speed safety camera programs. More information about Verra Mobility is available at