Take Your Bike on the Bus

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With the Bike-n-Bus Program, passengers can use their bicycles for part of the trip and bus for the rest! Bicycle racks are mounted on the front of each Mountain Metro bus and passengers may load a bicycle at any bus stop. These easy-to-use bike racks can hold two-to-three bikes and are available on a first-come, first-served basis with a limit of one bike per person.  

The process of loading your bike on the rack is quick and easy, usually taking 20 seconds or less, and there is no additional charge. For safety reasons, bicycles are not permitted inside the bus. If the rack is full, please wait for the next bus with available bike rack space. For your convenience, bike lockers are available at key locations around the city.

Loading Instructions

  • Please load and unload your bike from the curbside.  Have your bike ready to load as the bus approaches.
  • Lower the rack located on the front of the bus with one hand.  If there is a bike in one of the rack positions, use the other available securement position.  If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next available bus.
  • After lowering the rack, lift your bike into the available wheel well.  If only one bike is being loaded, put it in the position nearest the bus, handlebars toward the curb.  Labels are on the racks as reminders.
  • The bike support arm is in the down position when not in use.  Swing the (spring-loaded) arm up and over the front tire after the bike is placed in the rack and ensure that it holds the bike securely. To unload your bike, reverse the above.
  • Enter the bus, pay your fare, and tell the bus operator where you will be deboarding.
  • Upon leaving the bus, remind the bus operator you will be removing your bike from the rack.
  • After removing your bike, fold up the rack if it is empty.

Keeping Your Bike Secure

  • Secure your bike on the front-mounted rack.
  • To prevent damage, the bike rack clamps secure the tires, not the frame of the bicycle.
  • No additional securement devices are allowed to be added to the bike racks.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to load and unload his/her bicycle.
  • Bus operators cannot monitor bicycles and passengers unloading them.
  • If a bike rack is inoperative, or broken, please notify the bus operator and wait for the next available bike rack equipped bus.
  • Please note that Mountain Metropolitan Transit is not responsible for theft, damage, or injury that occurs loading and unloading, acts by third parties, or any other related incidents.  Patrons/cyclists are solely responsible for the safety of their cycles.  

Types of Bikes Allowed

  • Limit of one bike per person.
  • Maximum of two bikes per bus rack.
  • Single seat, two-wheeled bikes only.
  • Bikes as small as 16" will fit on the rack.
  • No motor-powered bikes allowed.

Watch the video below for some helpful tips on How to Ride and how to load your bike too!


Bike-n-Bus Program by Mountain Metro Transit