Route 2 Detour Starting January 9, 2023

  • Outbound Route 2: From Fontanero westbound, the bus will continue up Centennial to the VA. It will NOT turn right onto Chestnut.  A temporary stop will be at the northwest corner of Fontanero and Chestnut.
    • Missed Stops: Chestnut/Monroe (Stop ID 1111), Chestnut/Van Buren (Stop ID 1112), Chestnut/Green Ridge (Stop ID 1113), Chestnut/Fillmore (Stop ID 2416), Fillmore/Chestnut (Stop ID 2459).
  • Inbound Route 2: From Centennial southbound, the bus will pick up at a temporary stop across from the VA and continue south to the Interstate. There will be another temporary stop at the southeast corner of Fontanero and Chestnut.
    • Missed Stops: Fillmore/Centennial (Stop ID 2440), Fillmore/Chestnut (Stop ID 2469), Chestnut/Fillmore (Stop ID 194), Chestnut/Prestonwood (Stop ID 1235), Chestnut/Monroe (Stop ID 1237).

   Questions? Call 719-385-RIDE (7433)