ADA / Accessibility

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All of the airport's parking lots, elevators, restrooms, restaurants, retail shops and security screening area are well equipped with facilities to accommodate all patrons. For additional information about specific needs, please refer to the information below.

    Notice: ADA / Section 504

    Grievance procedure: ADA /Section 504

    Request an ADA Accommodation or Service

    Airport Security Screening

    A primary goal of the TSA is to provide the highest level of security and customer service to all who pass through Security Screening

    • Please visit the TSA Passengers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions pages
      • TSA Cares is a help line to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions and is ready to provide information and assistance to ensure all are treated with equal dignity, courtesy and respect through the screening process


    • Passengers should advise their airline at the time of booking of any special needs, assistance requirement or medical concerns at the time of booking
    • Examples would include a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices, diabetes supplies, supplemental oxygen and injection equipment or any other special medical supplies or devices
    • Most airlines address these issues on their web sites

    Passenger Drop Off And Pickup

    • All passengers may be dropped off or picked up curbside at the terminal on both the upper and lower levels
    • No waiting or parking is allowed at curbside and vehicles should never be left unattended
    • Unattended vehicles will be cited and towed


    • All levels of the Colorado Springs Airport are accessible by way of elevators
    • The central elevators which are conveniently located near the security checkpoint on the upper level and baggage claim on the lower level
    • Additional elevators are located on the east and west ends of the terminal building past the last ticket counters

    Ground Transportation

    • A variety of ground transportation providers serve Colorado Springs Airport 24 hours a day, with ability to transport and assist those with disabilities
    • Please call your ground transportation service provider in advance to make arrangements


    • All parking lots at the Colorado Springs Airport have handicapped spaces available
    • In addition, many airport shuttle buses are lift equipped
    • Airport shuttle bus drivers will assist with boarding and exiting the bus between your parked car and the ticket counter or from the baggage claim area back to your parked car


    All of the public restrooms at the Colorado Springs Airport meet accessibility requirements

    Service Pet Relief 

    See this map for the location of the relief area

    TTY Phones

    • TTY public telephones for the hearing-impaired are available in the west baggage claim area and near gate 5 on the concourse
    • Each unit is marked with the international TTY symbol


    • Public telephones are located throughout the terminal at Colorado Springs Airport
    • All locations feature telephones that are positioned for wheelchair access


    • Wheelchairs and personnel to assist with them are available at the airport
    • Because airlines provide this service, it is always advisable to let your airline know of the need for a wheelchair at the time of booking
    • You may also request wheelchair assistance from a ticket agent or a skycap

    Wheelchair Van Transportation

    Additional Information: