Get to Know Your Councilmember

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Group City Council

From left to right: Bill Murray, Dave Donelson, Yolanda Avila, Randy Helms, Stephannie Fortune, Tom Strand, Nancy Henjum, Wayne Williams, Mike O’Malley.

City Council consists of nine Councilmembers, one Councilmember from each of the six Council districts and three At Large Councilmembers. Each Councilmember serves a four-year term. They are limited to two consecutive terms. City Council elections are held every two years in odd-numbered years.

Current Councilmembers

District 1: Dave Donelson (elected in 2021)

District 2: Randy Helms, President Pro Tem (elected in 2021)

District 3: Stephannie Fortune (appointed in 2022)

District 4: Yolanda Avila (re-elected in 2021)

District 5: Nancy Henjum (elected in 2021)

District 6: Mike O'Malley (elected in 2021)

At Large: Bill Murray (re-elected 2019)

At Large: Tom Strand, President (re-elected in 2019)

At Large: Wayne Williams (elected in 2019)

Find Your City Council District

Plug your address into our interactive map to learn which Council District you live in

City Council District Map

Contact City Council

As elected officials, councilmembers are always interested in hearing from the local community. Interacting with councilmembers may include:

  • Reporting a concern or provide feedback on legislative proposals
  • Requesting a meeting with your elected representative on City Council 
  • Inviting a councilmember to an event

In addition to reaching out to individual councilmembers, members of the public may contact all nine councilmembers by sending correspondence to