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Welcome to the City of Colorado Springs Social Media page! To better communicate with the public, the City is using social media to spread the word about all it has to offer. Use these sites to follow the City of Colorado Springs exciting news and events.

Social media accounts

Primary Accounts




Vimeo Instagram Snapchat
Mayor John Suthers @MayorofCOS        
City Council @COSCityCouncil        
City of Colorado Springs @CityofCOS  


Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services      
Police Department  

Fire Department


City Enterprises

COS Airport      
Pikes Peak - America's Mountain      
Patty Jewett Golf Course          
Valley Hi Golf Course          

City Parks

Garden of the Gods      
North Cheyenne Cañon Park        


Therapeutic Recreation Program of Colorado Springs          
Colorado Springs Sports Office        
Sertich Ice Center        
Deerfield Hills Community Center    


Pioneers Museum      

Rock Ledge Ranch



Mountain Metropolitan Transit      
Traffic Updates          



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Comment Policy


The City of Colorado Springs' use of social media web sites is provided as a public service. The City of Colorado Springs disclaims liability for ads, links, videos, promoted content or comments accessible from any external web page. The responsibility for external content or comments rests with the organizations or individuals providing them. Any inclusion of external content or comments does not imply endorsement by the City.

Social Media Post/Comment Policy

Posts/comments on a City of Colorado Springs sanctioned social media web site containing any of the following may be subject to removal:

  1. Off-topic comments made on a specific topic thread or post.
  2. Profane, obscene, or pornographic content and/or language;
  3. Content that could compromise an ongoing criminal investigation;
  4. Defamatory posts;
  5. Violation of the privacy of another individual;
  6. Threats to any person or organization;
  7. Solicitation of commerce, including but not limited to advertising of any business or product for sale;
  8. Conduct in violation of any federal, state or local law;
  9. Encouragement of illegal activity;
  10. Information that compromises the safety or security of the public or public systems.
  11. The City reserves the right to remove comments that do not promote civil discussion or do not adhere to our post/comment policy. Examples include attacking another commenter, racial slurs, comments against a protected class etc.
  12. The City of Colorado Springs reserves the right to hide repetitive posts/comments made on a specific topic thread or post.

Additionally, Users who violate the City’s social media policy may be denied access to the City’s social media accounts.  Any blocked user may request a review of any social media blocking by filling out the online form.