Report fraud, waste, or abuse by City government staff or involving City government assets

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The City Auditor investigates any suspected unlawful or wasteful act impacting the City of Colorado Springs government, or its departments, employees, officials, operations, or enterprises*.

How to file a report to the City Auditor

You may report fraud anonymously, however, identifying yourself provides a means for us to contact you in case we have additional questions.

Report online 

Submit a fraud report 

Report by phone

719-385-2387 (ADTR) 

This special hotline has NO caller-ID.  The phone will be answered by a Certified Fraud Examiner who will listen to your concerns and ask questions to help understand the situation. When a Certified Fraud Examiner is not available, you will be asked to leave a detailed message.

Report by mail

Mail received at this address will be opened by a Certified Fraud Examiner: 

Jacqueline Rowland, City Auditor
P.O. Box 2241
Colorado Springs, CO  80901

Examples of fraud, waste or abuse of City government resources

Fraud, waste, and abuse of local government resources refers to, but is not limited to:

  • Waste of local taxpayer funds,
  • Disclosing confidential and/or proprietary information,
  • Accepting or seeking anything of material value from consultants, contractors, or anyone providing services to City government,
  • Inappropriate destruction, removal, or use of City government records, equipment, or other resources
  • Any dishonest or fraudulent act that impacts the City of Colorado Springs government

Whistleblower protection

Employees of the City of Colorado Springs or its enterprises are encouraged to contact their supervisor with questions regarding suspicious activities.  Supervisors are usually more familiar with the nature of such concerns.  When reporting to a supervisor is not practical, use one of the options below. 

In addition to whistleblower protections provided by federal laws, City Code §1.4.107 prohibits retaliation against employees.

Information needed when filing a report to the City Auditor

  1. What happened and why you think it is wrong.
  2. When and where it happened and if anyone else witnessed or knows it happened.
  3. The department impacted and the people involved.


Other Fraud Reporting Resources

The City Auditors Office does not investigate the following types of fraud. Please see below for helpful resources and to report incidents to the proper authorities.

Report a Crime

  • Report certain types of crime online to the Colorado Springs Police Department. Visit  the Report a Crime Online page for details on what types of crimes can be reported online, or call the non-emergency number at 719-444-7000. 

Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment Fraud is outside the purview of the City Auditor. You may report unemployment fraud by calling 303-318-8225 or on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment recommends you take these additional steps:

  • Deactivate the prepaid card on the US Bank form or call 1-855-279-1678
  • Contact the three consumer credit agencies (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax) to file a fraud alert on your name and Social Security Number.
  • File a police report. How much police can do varies, but it does create a record of action.  
  • Report Identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission by going to
  • Create a file to track records of fraud

Personal Financial Fraud and Scams

If you have absolute knowledge that a crime has occurred, please contact the Police Department at 719-444-7000 or report the crime online through the Police Department's website

Additional resources:

Landlord/Tenant Issues 

Utilities Scams, Fraud & Imposters

Broken Sprinkler/Watering Issue

Report a broken or leaky sprinkler in a park, trail, or near a street.

About the City Auditor's Office

The City Auditor's Office conducts independent and objective audits, investigations and reviews to evaluate the City of Colorado Springs' financial and operational processes for effectiveness and efficiency, to ensure compliance with governmental regulations, and to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds. They provide recommendations for improvements to City Council, Utilities Board, management, and employees.

The City Auditor and staff conducting investigations are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE). To read more about how the auditor conducts investigations, read the Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy.


*Enterprise: A City entity that pays for its costs of operations, predominantly from user fees, and does not generally receive support from taxpayer funds.  City enterprises include COS Airport, Cemetery Enterprise, Development Review Enterprise, Golf Enterprise, Memorial Health System, Parking System Enterprise, Pikes Peak - America's Mountain, Stormwater Enterprise.