Strategic Plan

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2020-2024 Strategic Plan

The City of Colorado Springs' Strategic plan sets forth City priorities and commitments from 2020 to 2024. The plan was developed with broad community input and includes four main goals.


Provide trusted leadership, inclusive community collaboration, and excellent city services to make Colorado Springs an exceptional city for all people to live, work and visit.


A city that matches our scenery, where the Olympic ideals of excellence, respect and friendship inspire our way of life.

Core Values


Leadership, Innovation, Passion, Professionalism


Integrity, Accountability & Transparency Community Engagement, Accessibility


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Teamwork

Citywide Strategic Plan Goals

1: Promoting Job Creation

Collaborate with regional partners to attract a diverse economic base to Olympic City USA. This focus includes corporate and small businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups and Opportunity Zones to create diverse and sustainable economic growth.

2: Investing in Infrastructure

Continue to address infrastructure and transportation needs by providing smart and innovative mobility solutions to create a connected, safe, and accessible community. This should include trails and multi-modal access, as well as traditional modes of transit.

Cultivate the City’s natural amenities to reflect its majestic landscapes for today and the future.

3: Building Community & Collaborative Relationships

Provide strategic city services and community partnerships to improve citizen quality of life by reducing crime, reducing the number of persons experiencing chronic homelessness, increasing affordable housing opportunities, and facilitating community investment.

Collaborate with other governmental agencies and military installations.

4: Excelling in City Services

Provide excellent and sustainable delivery of core services by making data driven investments and decisions.

Support continuous improvement and cross departmental collaboration to improve service delivery to residents and provide for their public safety.

Strategic Advisory Team

The City's Strategic Advisory Team (a group of City staff from major City departments) assists the Executive Branch in developing and updating the strategic plan to ensure that it aligns with priorities of the Mayor and provides actionable initiatives for our departments to undertake.