BikeToBizCOS Week

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June is Bike Month in Colorado and there are lots of people taking to bikes to get around this summer. The fourth Wednesday of June is set aside for Bike to Work Day, but in the interest of public health and safety of our participants, breakfast station sponsors and staff during the COVID-19 global pandemic, this one-day event will transform into a week-long celebration of bicycling for transportation. Over the last several Bike to Work Days, our business community has come out in force to support people on bikes. Now it’s our chance to return the favor. This year, in light of the struggles the pandemic has caused, let’s practice safe social distancing on our bikes to help our business community stay strong.   

Join our BikeToBizCOS Week community, June 22 - 28.

It’s easy!

  • Join the BikeToBizCOS Week Facebook Community | Join now!
  • Ride to your favorite coffee shop, bike shop, hardware store, curbside pickup for dinner, grocery store, doctor’s appointment, or other businesses you can get to by bike.
  • Take a photo or quick video highlighting you visiting your favorite businesses and post to the Facebook group or use the hashtag #BikeToBizCOS on Twitter and Instagram. Ride often and share your photos. Be on the lookout for opportunities to win some great prizes.

Help keep our community safe during COVID-19:

  • Ride solo or with members of your household
  • Maintain a 6-foot physical distance
  • Communicate with others on trails or streets
  • Wear a face covering
  • Consider taking the roads less traveled, to ease crowding in our parks and on our trails.
  • Practice good hygiene: wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.


BikeToBizCOS Week is organized by the City of Colorado Springs and sponsored in part by KOAA News5, 98.9 Magic FM and The Colorado Springs Independent Newspaper. A special thanks to our organizing sponsors Bike Colorado Springs, Support the Springs and CONO, the Council of Neighbors and Organizations.


Organizing Sponsors


This event is subject to change based on current public health orders. 


We are excited to support our local economy while celebrating bicycling during Bike to Biz Week 2020!

Businesses can join the fun too! Below are some ideas of ways businesses can engage with the public during Bike to Biz Week and invite people to your business:

  • Join our Bike to Biz COS Facebook Group to engage with our biking community
  • Share the Bike to Biz COS Facebook Event or these ready-made downloadable materials on social media to encourage your audience/customers to bike next time they come in
  • Hang our “Bike to Our Business” poster in your storefront to bring awareness to the event
  • Share a photo or a video of a customer who biked to your business on the Community Facebook Group or social media and use the hashtag #BikeToBizCOS
  • Highlight bike-friendly features of your business or shopping center, such as bike racks or nearby trails and bike lanes
  • Make space inside your business during the week for people to bring in their bikes
  • Consider providing complimentary use of bicycle maintenance equipment like an air pump or tire levers
  • Challenge another business to see who can have the most bicyclists come to your business throughout the week
  • Create your own unique event during the week – “Beer and Bikes”, “Bike to Buy”, etc. – to encourage bicyclists to shop at your business. Please still follow social distancing and public health guidelines for any event.
  • Collaborate with other businesses in your industry to create a passport program for bicyclists to bike to as many types of your business as possible

Toolkit & Promotional Materials











  • 11x17 Printable Business Posters:



How to get around

Need some ideas for where to go and how to get around during Bike to Biz Week?

  • Explore Colorado Springs Olympic City USA’s interactive bike map and head out on one of the less traveled bike routes or trails for a great afternoon
  • Need some grocery essentials?  Bike to one of the many local restaurants who are offering pick up groceries.
  • Struggling to get your groceries home? Swing by your local bike shop to see if they have any accessories to help you.
  • Or if you’re in an app-kinda-mood – check out Ride Spot for lots of great bike routes and roads to get you where you want to go.
  • Back in office mode? Ride your bike to work and pick up coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • How about helping a neighbor in need? Take your bike to deliver essential supplies to a neighbor who can’t get out.
  • Have a dentist or doctor’s appointment in your neighborhood? Consider getting there by bike.
  • Ride to pick up a family picnic brunch and head to a new (to you) park or outdoor venue. Trails and Open Spaces has great resources to “Get Out, Spread Out” Learn about less utilized parks and open spaces around town.
  • Explore the arts on your bike!  Window shop a local gallery or visit to learn about outdoor murals throughout the city.
  • Don’t have your own bike?  Pike Ride has you covered! Visit  to learn where you can find an e- bike that’s tuned and ready for you to ride.

Bike Maps

Interactive Bike Map

Interactive City Bike Map