City Bike Maps

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Interactive City Bicycling MapĀ 

An interactive version of the bikeway system can be viewed below. Use the menu options along the top of the map to measure distances, share a map via email, turn map layers on and off, and even print a map for the area of your choosing. Use your mouse to zoom in to any area, then use the menu option to print.

Interactive City Bike Map

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Printable Maps

Printable maps are available in PDF format for you to view and/or print (for accurate scale, recommended print size is 11x17). Maps for other areas to come as resources and interest allow.

The area maps were developed through a process of trial and error, engaging neighborhood stakeholders, and collecting feedback on the needs of people on bicycles. The advantages of smaller area maps over a citywide printed map at this time are as follows:

  • Can be updated frequently as the bike network changes
  • Can reflect differences in how people use a map in different neighborhoods
  • Can be read more easily at a smaller size
  • Can allow a manageable roll-out across the community
  • Can be offered for free or downloadable

You can find free printed versions of these maps at many locations around Colorado Springs, such as local bike shops, libraries, hotels, community centers, tourist information centers, and other locations within the area shown on each area map.

If you are a business or organization in the Colorado Springs area and are interested in handing out printed versions of the area maps, please email