2C Roadway Improvements

2C Road Improvements

2C residential paving

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Phone: (719) 385-5918
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30 South Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

2C Cumulative Statistics

  • Repaved 1,441 lane miles
  • Replaced 1,617,797 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Replaced 3,619,902 square feet of sidewalk
  • Installed 1,719 new pedestrian ramps
  • Retrofitted 7,658 existing pedestrian ramps


2C2 Statistics (through Q4 2022)

  • Repaved 120 lane miles
  • Replaced 274,264 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Replaced 698,894 square feet of sidewalk
  • Installed 328 new pedestrian ramps
  • Retrofitted 927 existing pedestrian ramps

Public Works Cone Zones

There’s a great way to keep track of what’s happening on the roads that you travel on the most.  Avoid backups with our Cone Zones map, or by using the Waze app on your smartphone.